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Social Media Marketing strategies that turn raving fans into paying customers.

Social Media Marketing That Grows Your Business

Most business leaders realize the importance of social media for growing a business in the current marketing landscape.  In fact, many businesses optimistically activate a business Facebook page with the intention of rapidly growing a legion of adoring fans ready to like, share and purchase products and services.  However, most find out quickly that building an effective social media presence that provides a measurable contribution to the bottom-line can be quite difficult. 

Using social media to funnel customers to your business requires a deep knowledge of each social platform and an understanding of how to leverage the particular strengths of each channel to best engage with current and prospective clients.  Unfortunately, with the number of priorities that most business leaders have on their plates, there is almost never enough time to build, polish and distribute quality content – let alone become a social media expert.  Luckily for you, All Access Advertising is a social media marketing company that specializes in building social campaigns for business.

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Understanding Social Media Marketing 

Typically, business owners and marketers begin by attempting to determine what platforms are best for their individual company or industry.  Most start with the sites they are personally most familiar with and build profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn.  However, with the number of social media platforms have that have emerged in recent years, it even leaves many experienced marketers confused and frustrated regarding where they should be promoting their business. Should you hire an Instagram advertising agency? A Facebook marketing company? Is there such a thing as a social media company that understands everything — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google My Business… oh, my! And, on top of all this, do you need to start making your own TikToks, too? (Starting to sound familiar?)

Rather than struggling to create enough content for all channels, you should first focus on which platforms are the best match for reaching your ideal prospective clients.  All Access Advertising, can help you quickly identify and prioritize social media marketing opportunities.  Simply request your complimentary consultation and our social media experts will be glad to help.  In the meantime, check out the social media stats below, as well as questions that you should be considering as you get started.

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Social Media Marketing Statistics For Business

The most important aspect of selecting the ideal mix of social media channels is understanding your target buyer persona.  Which platforms are best to reach your target audience?


2.5 billion active monthly users.  Men account for 56% of usage. 73% of users are 18 – 44 years old.  Users average over 11 minutes on each visit to the site.  


Over 1 billion active monthly users.  65% are 18 -34 years old and nearly a 50/50 split between men and women.  People spend over 6 minutes on each visit to the platform.   


152 million daily users.  52% are 25 – 49 years old.  62% of users are men, and users tend to spend greater than 10 minutes on the platform each time they visit the site.


675 million monthly users, with 51% of college educated Americans using the platform. 57% of users are men, and 61% of users are between the ages of 25 – 34 years old. 


Over 2 billion active monthly users, and the second most visited website.  Over 1/3 of the world’s population uses the video platform, and 55% of users are men.


Now the 3rd largest social platform in the U.S. with 335 million monthly users, which has doubled since 2016.  72% of platform users are women.  41% of users are 25 – 34 years old.  

Social Media Tips

Developing your social media marketing strategy requires more than just coming up with the post of the day.  Ask yourself the following questions as you begin to consider your social media plan:

How Do I Determine the Best Social Media Platforms For My Business?

There are few absolutes. Based upon the statistics above you probably may at least have a general sense of which platforms are right for your business, but as a social media management company, All Access Advertising can help you optimize your current social media marketing and identify opportunities to reach new customers on platforms you may be overlooking. More important that understanding your business, however, is to first thoroughly understand your unique business. What is your unique selling proposition?  Why would a prospective customer select you over the competition?  How can we tell a series of short, compelling stories that educate future clients? For example, your business might have one specific service for which a lesser-known platform is ideal, and you could be missing out on a gold mine of prospective customers there. A whole new audience — and community of potential customers — may be waiting for you! We can help you analyze these opportunities and build strategies that turn fans into revenue.

How Do I Identify My Ideal Target Audience?

For some businesses and industries, this is a relatively easy question to answer. For others, it’s not obvious at all. In some cases, you have different audiences for different branches of your company. For example, if you’re in the fashion business, you’ll probably have different strategies to reach men and women, and another strategy if you have both a budget line and a luxury line. Personas representing your target audiences provide a useful way of zeroing in on whether a post is likely to draw the attention of the people with whom you’re trying to engage. Ask us about how we develop custom personas to fit your customer profiles.

What Should I Consider When Building a Social Media Marketing Plan?

An effective social media plan consists of six key components:  1. Selecting and prioritizing the proper platforms to reach your target audience.  2. Developing content that will be compelling to your desired audience across these platforms.  3. Growing and engaging loyal fans and followers.  4. Understanding how and when to leverage paid social ads. 5. Planning for how you will respond to comments and reviews.  6. Determining what metrics you will use to measure progress and success.

As you begin to consider content, you will also need to ask yourself some questions: What type of content will be useful to inform, educate and entertain your followers?  Do you have the right mix of sales and informative posts? How are you balancing the use of text, image and video across your posting strategy? Do your posts inspire comments and shares, or do they just go off into the void, mostly unread? Are depending on organic reach, or are you boosting or promoting your posts? These questions will begin to lead you toward what your next steps should be.

How often should I use my social channels to drive sales? 

If your posts do nothing but relentlessly push your products, you’re likely to lose engagement. As a rule of thumb, no more than 20% of your posts should be sales-based.  Remember that your audience is primarily using social media as a form of entertainment.  Keep in mind that you should be creative about how you educate while you entertain. You might want to highlight your business’ culture by spotlighting your employees. You can share posts about customers who have a positive review about having used your product or service. Share a video of your staff doing some volunteer work or sponsoring an event. Every business has a personality. Humanize yours online with good storytelling.  By sharing your personality, educating, and engaging your audience with the content they want with the vast majority of your posts, you earn the opportunity to judiciously ask them to do business with you.

What Are the Key Performance Indicators for Measuring Social Media Performance?

Your KPIs for social media should ultimately be a byproduct of your objectives.  However, most of our social media clients are leveraging social media specifically for the purpose of growing revenue.  Consequently, at All Access Advertising, we primarily focus on reach, engagement, leads, and sales. 

Our marketing specialists will gladly assist you in determining the proper KPIs for your business, and how your current presence is performance against those objectives. Most importantly we can help you understand how much traffic your social media strategy is funneling toward your phone and website, and what strategies can be used to improve your performance. By examining trends in your analytics and tracking, we can identify which best practices work for you. As always, as a full-service marketing agency, we want to assist you with allocating your budget and efforts in a manner that will consistently deliver the greatest ROI.

Do I Need A Social Media Content Calendar?

Your social media strategy requires a clear and comprehensive plan if you are expecting performance.  If you are posting to social media without a long-term plan, you shouldn’t be surprised if your results are poor. You need a focused campaign, including a social media content calendar that allows you to tell a consistent and engaging story. You cannot simply rinse and repeat the same exact post for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. These platforms not only have different creative requirements, but posts also perform quite differently based upon the day and time that you decide to post them. Beyond being your most valuable planning tool, your content calendar will identify what type of posts you should be using across each platform and will help you determine what types of content are delivering the best results for you. All Access Advertising leverages proven, industry-leading tools to facilitate these efforts for our clients. 

How Do I Get Started With Social Media Promotion?

The easiest way to get started promoting your business across the proper social media channels begins with a complimentary consultation.  The team of social media experts at All Access Advertising is prepared to help you assess the ideal role of social media and how to best integrate these campaigns into your overall marketing strategy.