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How Search Engine Marketing Fits Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The benefits of a Search Engine Marketing campaign that has been properly built, managed and optimized are hard to deny.  The ability to specifically target highly-qualified consumers at the exact moment they are actively searching for the products and services that you offer provides a powerful opportunity to reach ready-to-buy consumers with one hand on their phone and the other on their wallet.  Further, your ability to specifically identify the tactics that are yielding results provides a significant opportunity to ensure that your budget is continually delivering a greater ROI.

Unfortunately, however, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can be complex.  And, while most people interact with SEM ads nearly every day, they have become so complicated that very few people truly understand how to develop high-performing campaigns.

If you want to amplify your Search Engine Marketing campaign, count on All Access Advertising. We are search engine experts who design, execute and fine-tune a custom search engine marketing plans that will have your business stealing the show with the clients you are competing for.

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What is SEM?

In the simplest terms, SEM is the management of paid ads across search engines such a Google and Bing. Some refer to it as Google Ads, pay-per-click (PPC), or cost-per-click (CPC) or simply as paid search advertising. Ultimately, it consists of paying to place your ad on search engine results pages on a cost-per-click basis.

Benefits of a Search Engine Marketing Campaign

Properly constructed, search engine marketing campaigns put your company in full control of your visibility across the internet.  In addition to ensuring that your ads appear for search queries that indicate a prospective customer is preparing to buy the products or services you sell, SEM allows advertisers to test and optimize ad copy, determine and target the most profitable keywords, and accurately measure and control the overall financial performance of the campaign.

Over time, analysis and optimization efforts allow your campaign to be refined so that your ads hit the mark even more reliably.  This results in the elimination of advertising waste, increased lead volume and maximized ROI.

Your pay-per-click ads also allow us to ensure you ad leads the prospective customer to a landing page where they’ll see exactly what they’re looking for, whether it’s how to purchase your service or product, how to get an estimate, how to make an appointment — whatever it is they are seeking and you are selling.

Getting Started With SEM Marketing

As a search engine marketing agency, All Access Advertising will first learn about your business, objectives and competitors and then determine the best overall structure for your campaign. But that’s just the beginning.

We then perform an analysis to determine the specific keywords that are likely to help you locate the people ready to make a purchase and deliver them straight to your landing page, where they can immediately purchase your product or service. We do this by specifically identifying the high commercial intent keywords used by people ready to pull the trigger on a purchase.

We also target long-tail searches – keywords with multiple search terms – as long-tail queries indicate a customer that is searching as specifically as possible.  This approach leads to a stronger click-through rate (CTR) and a higher conversion rate. As a bonus, those highly specific long-tail searches are likely to cost less per click, too, allowing you to get more out of your advertising budget. It’s a competitive marketplace out there! But with paid searches, we can guarantee placement for whatever searches you need to appear for.

How Do I Know If My SEM Campaign is Working?

As a results-driven Google advertising agency, we do the analysis necessary to design an effective strategy, and we regularly report to you the relevant metrics, including key performance indicators (KPI). Most metrics are easy to track, and we will be able to show you how well your search engine marketing tools are performing. With our detailed data analysis and client reporting dashboard, we can achieve more efficient and cost-effective results.

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Impact of Search Engine Marketing combined with SEO?

Having a website optimized for SEO brings in organic results. It allows potential customers to find you for the terms that Google determines that your site should rank for. With SEM, however, you are in control and can go straight to the customers. Both are important components, but SEM provides a method of building on your SEO results. In fact, SEM can fill the gap while you’re still optimizing your website for SEO.

But if you already have a strong organic position, we make sure your SEM is bringing in new leads beyond your organic reach. In fact, our campaigns perfectly complement SEO and improve overall digital marketing performance.

Improving SEM through website optimizations

Website optimization is a critical element of a well-constructed Google Ads and Bing Ads campaign.  In fact, it is one of the most overlooked critical elements that dramatically improves performance.  A website that is properly optimized to PPC campaigns improves quality score and relevancy, and reduced cost-per-click.  Further, onsite optimization can significantly improve conversion rate, ensuring that website visits consistently result in new customers for your business.

Professional SEM Management Improves Results While Saving You Money

Our team has literally managed thousands of campaigns.  This experience equips us with an expert-level knowledge of SEM which allows our team to accelerate results and eliminate waste for our clients. These factors alone typically result in our clients saving marketing investment.

However, combining the technical advantages of digital advertising with the copywriting of a veteran marketer can supercharge results.  It’s still necessary to use powerful, compelling subject lines, with a unique selling proposition that motivates someone to want to do business with you. Leveraging special offers or a free consultations. Remember… you’re looking to connect with the people who are ready to make that purchase from you and your ad copy needs to reflect it if you want to maximize your conversion rate.

We use AB testing of keywords and ad copy, trial different tactics and strategies and closely monitor what combinations pay off. We continually test and optimize to identify areas where we can improve performance and drive more favorable ROI and greater lead volumes. We tweak campaign budgets and bids, and consistently monitor leading indicators including impression share, quality score, click-through rate, conversion data and more.

If it all sounds like it can be complicated, well, it can. But you don’t need to figure it all out on your own.  All Access Advertising is excited to help you achieve ultimate performance from your search engine marketing investment. Call us today and ask about how we can profitable integrate SEM into your overall campaign strategy.

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