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Are you just getting started with Search Engine Marketing (SEM), or are you ready running a campaign and simply need to take it to the next level? Getting the best return for your Skokie – area business requires the kind of expertise that effectively and consistently places your website at the top of the results, which All Access Advertising is known for throughout the North Shore.

Search engine marketing (also known as SEM, Pay Per Click advertising, or PPC) is paid search advertising across platforms such as Google Ads and Bing.  PPC marketing is attractive because, when campaigns are developed properly, you target only the ideal prospective customer who is ready to make a purchase — these are primarily transactional searches. You don’t waste advertising dollars on people who are never going to buy goods or services from you. Ideal, right? But like many other things, SEM marketing only works when it’s done correctly.

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What’s The Value of PPC Advertising?

The world of search engine marketing is becoming more complex all the time, and a good PPC agency, like All Access Advertising, keeps abreast of the ever-changing PPC marketing world. If you’re looking for a Search Engine Marketing agency Skokie IL businesses rely upon, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting expert PPC specialists who are skilled in Google Pay Per Click and have a good understanding of all the facets of internet marketing and how they work together.

 How Does SEM Marketing Fit into Your Marketing Plan?

There are a lot of acronyms out there! PPC, SEO, SEM … how do you keep all these things straight and make sure you’re getting the best possible ROI from them as you are considering a Search Engine Marketing Agency Skokie IL consumers will respond to? Here’s a quick checklist of commonly used terms to help you out:

  • PPC: This one is easy. Pay Per Click means just what it says. You don’t pay unless the prospective customer clicks. All those prospective local customers who see your ad but aren’t ready to buy and don’t click? No charge to you for the brand impressions.
  • PPC Management: You can’t just start broadly running ad campaigns out there. The strength of PPC ads is their ability to be highly targeted. How do you best target? That’s both a science and an art, and you get both when you hire All Access Advertising to handle PPC management for your Skokie-area business.
  • SEM Marketing: Don’t be confused by this commonly used term when considering a Search Engine Marketing Company Skokie IL customers will convert from. It stands for Search Engine Marketing, so to call it SEM marketing is a bit redundant, but we all know what it means.
  • PPC Agency: This is a Pay Per Click agency. Before hiring anybody to help with any internet marketing services, be aware that there are some agencies that do nothing but PPC marketing. If you need any other type of marketing and advertising, that agency might not be able to handle it. On the other hand, some traditional marketing companies that have been around forever may talk a good PPC management game, but may be weak in execution.
    All Access Advertising is a PPC agency with a proven track record of Google ads management and other forms of internet marketing services, but we are also a full-service agency that can handle all forms of traditional advertising, too, if that is an appropriate part of your marketing plan.
  • SEO Services: Search Engine Optimization services work hand-in-hand with SEM services. Your entire website should be written with a well-planned SEO strategy in mind. When SEM and SEO are handled correctly, they build on each other. First, your SEO draws people to your website organically, so that they can learn about your business or organization.
    When people do an online search and your business ranks highly in the results, that’s your SEO paying off. But it can take a while to get your SEO ranking where you want it to be, which is at or near the top of the first page of Google search results. How to drive more traffic to your site in the meantime? SEM is the answer. Via strong Google ads management, you direct people right to a specific landing page, where they’ll find precisely the goods or services they want to purchase and you want to sell. Result? Everybody’s happy and your business is growing.
  • SEO Company: This is an agency that specializes in Search Engine Optimization company. Other related terms you may hear when people refer to an SEO agency include a pay per click agency, a PPC company, a PPC specialist, a Google ads company, or an SEO optimizer. All Access Advertising provides all these services to our Skokie-area clients.
  • SEO Marketing: This involves making sure your website contains the right keywords to help customers find your site. When you search online for a business, the top few businesses you see are going to be the ones who have invested resources in their SEO marketing.
  • SEO Optimization: Again, this is a redundant term, in that it literally means “Search Engine Optimization Optimization.” But it is a term you’ll hear people use from time to time. It simply refers to optimizing the keywords on your site so that prospective clients will find you.
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Wondering How To Evaluate A Search Engine Marketing Agency?

We get it. It’s confusing, and you have your hands full running your business or organization. You want to devote your time to your core business, not to learning how to research keywords, evaluate the performance of PPC ads, choose and place the right keywords on your website and all the rest. But how do you know when you’ve found the right search engine marketing company Skokie IL has to offer?

You want experience, you want expertise, and you want to see the metrics. The really fortunate thing with PPC ads and search engine marketing in general is that the numbers don’t lie, and the metrics are easy to demonstrate via dedicated dashboards we’ll be able to share with you.

A well-executed search engine marketing campaign pays off like this: A prospective client types a search inquiry into a search engine and waits to see what companies pop up –– just as you likely searched for Search Engine Marketing Agency Skokie, IL. If your SEM campaign is strong, your business is near the top, and the customer clicks and lands on a page on your website where he or she is able to make a purchase, book an appointment, order an item or whatever your goal for that ad might be.

Why is it so important to be near the top of results? Well, when you type a question into Google, such as “best pizza near me,” how many pages are you willing to scroll through? If you’re like most people, you rarely look past the first page.

What’s the First Step In Stronger SEO Marketing?

All Access Advertising will first learn all about your business or organization and seek to understand thoroughly what you do and what your goals are, and from there we will make recommendations.

Are you looking for more leads? Do you want people to make an appointment or ask for an estimate? Do you sell directly from your site? What are your challenges? Are you launching an expansion that will open up new markets for you, and do you need help plugging into these markets? Do you sell to a broad or niche audience? Are you B2C or B2B or a bit of both?

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How Does All-Access Advertising Customize Search Engine Marketing Services?

One size fits nobody. All SEO services are custom. And the more precise our understanding of your business is, the more effective we can be. Over time, as we do more A/B testing of your PPC ads, we will learn what keywords deliver the best results and how to micro-target potential new customers.

For some businesses, not all of your customers are the same. One of your services might best be marketed directly to a specific audience that is distinctly different from the audience another part of your business sells to. For example, if you sell both low-end and high-end options, these are likely to have completely different customer bases, and our SEM marketing plan will take different approaches to best target the two specific groups.

If you’re a business that sells a service, such as pest control, and serves both residential and commercial customers, it’s obvious that you’ll have two different SEO strategies.

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Complimentary Marketing Consultation for Skokie Area Businesses

How does Search Engine Marketing fit into your overall marketing plan? All your marketing efforts need to be part of a cohesive plan, which All Access Advertising can handle for you. Your SEM and SEO should work together seamlessly. And don’t forget the importance of social media, which for many companies is likely to include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and sometimes Yelp, Yahoo and others.

If your company is ready to get started with a Search Engine Marketing Agency Skokie IL is a great market for delivering effective SEM campaigns.  Contact us today for a free consultation!