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Did you know Chicago was the home of the first-ever skyscraper? It was a Chicago engineer who figured out a whole new way to support tall buildings, and his ideas changed everything. Chicago is a world-class city where businesses are still devising new ways to reach for the stars. But when Chicago businesses today want to reach new heights, they don’t need a skyscraper to do it. Instead, seek a Search Engine Marketing Agency Chicago, IL businesses trust – they use All Access Advertising!

Search Engine Marketing typically consists of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and paid advertising at the top of search engines.  Regardless of which approach is right for your business, Search Engine Marketing should be an integral part of your internet marketing plan – but it requires expertise to do it right. The best search engine marketing companies, like All-Access Advertising, can audit what you’re doing now and implement proven strategies to get your business in front of more qualified customers.

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The Search Engine Marketing Agency Chicago Trusts

All-Access Advertising is the Search Engine Marketing agency Chicago, IL businesses turn to when they need to improve their marketing strategy. Great internet marketing requires a solid grounding in advertising and marketing basics married to an understanding of ever-changing technologies. So if your business needs the kind of boost only world-class search engine marketing can give, read on.

What, Exactly, is PPC Advertising, Anyway?

When considering a Search Engine Marketing Agency Chicago, IL marketers first must fully understand what PPC is.  Simply put, it’s a way of reaching ready-to-buy clients by purchasing online ads. In other words, Pay Per Click (PPC) is paid advertising that appears at the top of the search results. Most of the time, this will entail using Google Adwords, but there are other options. PPC management entails identifying the most effective strategies for targeting the most promising prospective customers and clients.

Using paid searches (SEM) can ensure your brand appears at the top of the page, and drives incremental lead volume when combined with organic searches that are driven by your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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Which is More Important? SEM or SEO?

Why not just try to decide between Chicago-style pizza and Chicago-style hot dogs! Or between visiting the Bean or Willis Tower? Or the Field Museum or the Museum of Science and Industry?

The truth is, there are some things you simply cannot choose between. And you shouldn’t. So you don’t need to decide whether search engine marketing or search engine optimization is more important. SEM and SEO serve you in different ways.

If your website SEO has been well optimized to rank for the appropriate keywords, prospective customers can find you online. But as any SEO company will tell you, it takes time and effort to rank highly in Google results. How can you compete for customers in the meantime? That’s where SEM marketing will serve you well, in the form Google Adwords and Bing Ads management.

How do you select the perfect marketing target for Chicago?

One thing All-Access Advertising is especially good at identifying the perfect keywords to drive increased conversions from both your SEM and SEO marketing. Think of your business. Can you name 20 keywords off the top of your head that your customers might be typing into a search engine to find you? You probably can, and chances are good that your competitors have thought of the same 20 keywords.

Just as you likely searched – Search Engine Marketing Agency Chicago, IL – we excel in figuring out searches that are less common and therefore easier and less expensive to rank with. These are often the long tail keywords real people type into search engines when they are looking to purchase a specific item or service. If those keywords are on your website, and you’ve done all the things that make Google rank your website highly, your business should, in time, appear at the top of the results.

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Remember, however, that you can also ensure that your ad appears at the top of the search engine results via PPC. The beauty of PPC is you literally only pay if they click. You don’t pay a penny when someone just scrolls by looking for something else.

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Who Offers the Best SEO in Chicago, Il.?

We like to think we’re pretty good at Google ads marketing. It’s not an easy thing to do well, and we work hard at it. SEO is one of those things that takes both creative and analytical minds. It’s part art and part science. That’s why our internet advertising agency team includes people good at dreaming up clever ideas as well as those who are good at analyzing the numbers.

The best part is, you don’t have to take our word for it. We will collect the metrics and share these results with you regularly. As we delve more deeply into your website SEO and your PPC advertising, we’ll improve our ability to get in front of the most valuable customers — the ones who are ready to make a purchase from you now.

Take Advantage of SEO Design, Chicago style

SEO web design is a part of SEO marketing that involves designing your website in a way that makes it easy for Google to index it. The better your SEO optimization, the better your chances of showing up at or near the top of Google search results. The best SEO companies — like All Access Advertising — will work with you to improve your website SEO.

 What are the Top Internet Marketing Companies?

There are all kinds of internet marketing services out there, and it’s worth asking questions before making a commitment. You may run into a PPC company / Google Adwords agency that does nothing else. Another may focus on building websites. There are also traditional marketing agencies that haven’t fully grasped the way traditional forms of advertising (print, radio, TV, mailings) have become less important than internet marketing and may lack expertise.

The advantage of working with a full-service agency like All-Access Advertising is we can do it all. We can handle your search engine marketing, your website, your social media, photography and videography and even traditional forms of advertising and marketing like print, TV and radio, if needed. This allows for making periodic adjustments to better align the various components of your marketing plan.

The advantages of having one marketing agency handling all your needs as part of one cohesive, well-thought-out plan cannot be underestimated.

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What to Expect From Your Chicago Online Agency

When you hire a marketing company, you can expect to gain a creative partner that will communicate with you well, work within your budget, offer solid advice based on deep knowledge of basic business principles and marketing techniques and ultimately get the results you are looking for.

To break the process down, here’s what you can expect when you work with one of the top SEO companies in the USA:


  1. First, our marketing company will want to get to know your company. The better we understand your business, your brand, your competition and your goals, the more we can help you. What’s your current marketing plan? What updates and changes are appropriate?


  2. We will start with where you are at right now. How is your understanding of SEO, SEM, PPC and the rest of the internet marketing universe? If you need any explanations, we’re happy to provide them. As your online agency, we want you to understand what we’re recommending and why.


  3. We’ll evaluate your website SEO. How advanced is your SEO optimization?Have you utilized professional SEO services before? Does your site have the right capabilities? Is it easy to make a purchase/make an appointment/ask for an estimate/accept a payment/whatever else it needs to do? Is it attractive, functional and on-brand? If appropriate, does it establish your business as an authority in your field? Do you have the landing pages you need to work well with your PPC ads? If your site is dated in either appearance or functionality, it’s worthwhile to either revamp or replace it. All-Access Advertising can handle either of these things, if needed.


  4. We’ll look at your current internet marketing and evaluate. What results have you been getting from your Google Adwords advertising? How is your pay per click management working? Is your PPC advertising designed to work in concert with the landing pages on your website where customers land after they click?


  5. What other forms of digital advertising are you using, and how well are these forms working? What adjustments or changes should be implemented?


  6. Over time, expect results to improve. Google does not immediately crawl every page on your website and index all your content. So it takes time for your SEO to pay off. Expect to need to focus more on SEM, where you pay for eyeballs, in the meantime. However, as Google continues crawling and indexing your site, your excellent SEO will be able to carry more of the marketing load. Good online marketing agencies should be able to explain where you are in the process. In addition, your PPC specialist will conduct A/B testing as part of your PPC management. It will become clear which approaches work best, and your ads will become more effective as time goes by.

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Complimentary Marketing Consultation for Evanston Area Businesses

The sky is the limit if you have an effective Search Engine Marketing Agency Chicago, IL business owners trust.   Your company can build a valuable and reliable pipeline of leads, and do so in a manner that puts you fully in control of your ROI. 

All Access Advertising offers complimentary marketing consultations for Chicago area business owners, making it easy to understand the potential opportunity within your market with no obligation at all  Contact us today and schedule a call with one of our veteran marketing team members.