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If you’re running an Evanston business and you need help with your social media marketing plan, All-Access Advertising is the Evanston social media marketing agency that North Shore business owners rely on for results.

These days, it’s rare that a business doesn’t use any social media at all. But if you’ve been simply making an occasional post on Facebook or sharing a few industry pieces on LinkedIn, you’re missing out on valuable opportunities. Bewildered at the sudden explosion in social media advertising and platforms? Wondering how your competitor is suddenly posting professional, attractive, engaging posts that garner large numbers of responses every single day? No worries. All-Access Advertising is your all-in-one social media marketing agency.

Social media for business is different from personal social media. Whether you’re an Evanston business looking for a Facebook ad agency, some help with your Twitter marketing, are just looking for an Instagram marketing company, or are ready to go all-in with a comprehensive social media marketing plan that will completely revitalize your business, our team of social media experts is here to help turn fans into customers. Understanding social media marketing is a vital part of the current marketing landscape, but not everyone in marketing today is an expert in running a social media campaign.

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The Importance of Social Media for Business

As a top-rated Evanston-area social media marketing agency, we understand the importance of effective social media for both small and large businesses. The number of platforms just keeps increasing. So do the opportunities and benefits. But keeping up with the best practices and trends in social media is beyond the capabilities of most people who are running a business. The answer is for you to do what you know best — running your business or organization — and letting a social media marketer like All-Access Advertising, the leading Evanston social media marketing team, develop a powerful social media presence for you.

One of the fantastic things about social media marketing is that a vast audience of millions of people are voluntary, for pleasure, spending hours every day perusing their favorite social media feeds, and have chosen to share information about their interests, location, socioeconomic group, and more. This makes it easy to target them with ads that in many cases they’ll welcome because if the social marketer has done his or her job right, the ad presented is solving a problem or fulfilling a desire.

If a person is spending some time on social media looking at home decor sites, and you’re selling home furnishings, your ad is much more likely to be welcomed — and clicked on — than an ad served to someone with no interest in interior decorating. To stand out from the relentless barrage of advertising, a professional and highly specific social media marketing plan is absolutely necessary. We’ll start by gaining a deep understanding of your business, how it differs from your competitors, and what you’re doing already. What is spot-on, and what needs improvement? Are you on the right platforms, and is your social media game strong on each platform chosen?

Contrary to common practice by beginners, it’s not appropriate to use the same posts on multiple platforms. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and all the other platforms require you to consider individually crafted approaches. Yes, you want to be true to your branding, but you do not want to simply take a picture and post it across multiple platforms without adjustments. That’s one of the ways we can help. With our advanced understanding of the characteristics of each platform and the strategy that best fits it, we can craft content for each that is more likely to gain attention and to meet your specific business goals.

What Social Media Promotion Can Do For You

Social media is not simply a selling platform. It’s a platform that allows you to create a meaningful conversation with prospective customers. People scrolling on social media may very well click on an ad that seeks to sell a product or service, but relentlessly seeking to sell via social isn’t what will serve you best. The companies who get the best results from digital advertising utilize social media marketing in multiple ways, and that means making a social media plan. All-Access Advertising can design such a plan, complete with a well-thought-out posting schedule, and from there, we’ll work toward the goals we’ve set together.

Some of your posts may simply let customers know you’ve launched a new product. But other posts will serve a wide variety of other objectives. Unlike other forms of advertising, social media ads can generate conversations among you and your customers, helping you get feedback as well as alerting you to any issues early on so you can address them.

The best practices involve being highly responsive to customers/followers because that is one of the most effective ways for a social media marketer to build brand loyalty. You can end up with enthusiastic cheerleaders who post about their positive experiences or share how much they love the item they purchased from you. In the marketing world, it doesn’t get much better than public, spontaneous, enthusiastic praise from your real-life customers. And most of us can remember being on the fence about making a purchase and then reading another customer’s post that convinced us to go ahead and click. That’s the marketing gold we all seek.

As an Evanston social media marketing company, we can suggest several other goals beyond selling, branding, and community engagement that you may not even know are possible. You can collect information on your customers’ demographics and interests and you can direct people to your website. Keep in mind that the analytic tools won’t just yield a rich trove of information about your business.

We can also dig deep into the social media of your competitors, using all the information together to refine our approach and our targeting. Of course, we have experienced team members, software and other resources that make it possible for us to effectively crunch and interpret vast amounts of data.

We will help you decide what your specific goals are, and then we’ll demonstrate with actual analytics that show how well we are meeting them. The best practices of social media campaigns have become ever more complicated: the themes, styling and strategy of the posts, their timing, the platforms used, the analysis of the metrics, the length of time it takes for someone to respond when a person makes a comment or asks a question — these are just a few of the basics necessary for effective digital campaigns.


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What Elements of Strategic Social Marketing Plans Make A Difference?

Strategy for Evanston social media marketing promotions should be unique to each business.  Clever, humorous, touching, informative or other approaches are a start — and certainly something our talented and creative social media and marketing staff will craft — but not the only thing to consider. The post you see on the feed is only part of the story. Perhaps even more important is the back-end work that goes into it.

Before we post a single item to social media, we already know what audience we want to target, and we’ve made sure that when the targeted audience member clicks, they’re taken straight to a landing page tailored for our objective. Do you want customers to book an appointment, buy an item, sign up for a service, or ask for an estimate? Whatever the goals of your business might be, our social media marketing services will help meet them. Your social media marketing strategy is key and illustrates the importance of having an expert handling your campaigns.

The Importance of Social Media Marketing Tools

There are two main skills required for successful social media promotions. One is the ability to craft compelling images and messages, just as in any form of visual advertising. But the other is the technical expertise to dig into the analytics and make adjustments over time. In any form of digital advertising, the initial effort can be improved by crunching numbers, examining the demographics and other characteristics behind the clicks-turned-customers, and learning exactly what elements convert into sales.

We can run A/B ad tests to refine and improve your results. As a digital agency, we know that the longer we collect and analyze the data and refine our approach, the more effective the results we deliver to you will be.

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Ready To Power Up Your Social Media Strategy?

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and the rest of the internet is just waiting for the next Evanston social media marketing influencer to yield more and better-engaged customers than ever before.  Our skilled team of social media veterans can help you craft a powerful social media strategy that will keep you connected and engaged with current and prospective customers.

So what are you waiting for?  We provide free social media marketing consultation.  Contact us today and let’s get started!